4 separate specialized project planning entities that can operate independently or combined:


KuBuS generalplanung   (ROT)

KuBuS architektur + stadtplanung   (BLAU)

KuBuS freiraumplanung   (GRUEN)


KuBuS provides independent planning and consulting services aimed at finding innovative - economically - sustainable solutions. The versatile and complementary performance profile of the building construction, interior and free space planning to the urban, regional and environmental planning is one of the great strengths. Each of the four specialized individual companies ensures high power of impact, flexibility and speed in project implementation.

KuBuS generalplanung

KuBuS generalplanung gmbh is the operational and organizational head of the KuBuS group. Other external holdings are positioned here as well.

As general contractor KuBus relieves the customer almost completely of the planning and building process. Underlying foundation is a balanced and fair contractual relationship that defines and secures all rights, obligations and liabilities.

The experienced co-partners of projektentwicklung can offer effective advice, especially during the initial phases of a project when future success can depend on identifying the perfect strategy. When warranted outside specialists can be consulted and smoothly integrated into the team. 

KuBuS architektur + stadtplanung

KuBuS roots are in architecture and city planning. This entity is a powerful partner in building and city construction.  It operates with specialized teams for retail, office, hotel and convention centers and other complex real estate projects. These teams act and deliver fast, flexible and stay within budgets and timetables. They are in combination with the intrinsic innovation and creativity the basis for our long lasting client relationships.
Future oriented development concepts, cooperating master planning, and construction management plans that are incontestable are the requirements of modern city planning and build the basis for reliable living space and secure investment return. KuBuS provides unbias advice and guidance for the cities and municipals. The insight into the different agendas of the players involved assure balanced and practical solutions.
KuBuS has a strong desire to make ideas visual and dedicated a lot of workmanship and emphasis in exact models and precise and premium presentations to facilitate sound decisions.

KuBuS also stands for complex construction management to plan and build even large-scale real estate projects. The knowledge and experience of the empoloyees of many years  guarantees that projects are kept within budget, price and time limits. They are competent to handle all project phases, such as bid invitation and construction of single buildings.



KuBuS freiraumplanung

The work of KuBuS open space planning and design is based on the many years of experience of Rudolf Kaufmann and his employees.

The multifaceted service spectrum includes all relevant planning provisions (GOP/UVS/LBP/Replacement/bio balances).  Main emphasis is the innovative design and planning of open space for national and international partners and clients,  frequently after competitive bidding. Projects are developed to be usable and innovative, yet cost and time conservative.